• Alone (2015)

    Truly novel experiences serve to heighten the senses. In this enhanced sensory acuity, it is easy to become overwhelmed, balking at the task of viewing the larger picture while finding the smallest details in unusual distinction. In this wildly new experience in Italy, I’ve become increasingly aware of and intrigued by the concept of public isolation. Thoughts, feelings, and emotions are experienced exclusively in a deeply private manner, within the confines of our own minds. Despite the social context of these feelings, the intensely personal manner is not diminished. This introspective isolation, serving to show the uniqueness of each individual human experience, is something I find deeply inspiring. In an attempt to capture the essence of this concept, I have combined tight framing and shallow depth of field, usually associated with portraiture, with a documentarian’s search for the intimate candid moment. The subjects depicted feel a range of thoughts and feelings- boredom, awe, happiness, loneliness- all in a public or group setting, but at the same time, completely and entirely alone. This tension, between physical togetherness and mental solitude, is what I hope to communicate with this work.